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Opportunities and Risks

Opportunities and Risks
We have looked at the information crisis that exists in every enterprise and grasped that in spite of lots of operational data in the enterprise, data suitable for strategic decision making is not available. Yet the current state of the technology can make it possible to provide strategic information. While we are still discussing the escalating need for strategic inter -'nation by companies. let us ask some basic questions 70-341 exam - Microsoft 70-341 Exam Questions and Answers - Exam 70-341 real pdf test - Download 70-341 - 70-341 testing engine. What arc the opportunities avail-able to companies resulting from the possible use of strategic information? What are the threats and risks resulting from the lack of strategic information available in companies?  

Here are some examples of the opportunities made available to companies through the use of strategic information:
  •  A business unit of a leading long-distance telephone carrier empowers its sales personnel to make better business decisions and thereby capture 11101C business in a highly competitive, multibillion-dollar market. A Web-accessible solution gathers internal and external data to provide strategic information.
  • Availability of strategic information at one of the largest banks in the United States with assets in the $250 billion range allows users to make quick decisions to retain their valued customers.
  • In the case of a large health management organization, significant improvements in health care programs are realized, resulting in a 22% decrease in emergency row visits, 29% decrease at hospital admissions for asthmatic children. Potentially sii01… saving screenings for .hundreds of diabetics, improved vaccination rates, and mart than 100,000 performance reports created annually for physicians and pharmacists
  • At one of the top five U.S. retailers. Strategic information combined with Web-enabled analysis tools enables merchants to gain insights into their customer base,  manage inventories more tightly, and keep the right products in front of the people at the right place at the right time.
  • A community-based pharmacy that competes on a national scale with more (ha 800 franchised pharmacies coast to coast gains in-depth understanding of what vas miners buy, resulting in reduced inventory levels, improved effectiveness of promotions and marketing campaigns, and improved profitability for the company.
  • On the other hand, consider the following cases where risks and threats of 'failures existed before strategic information was made available for analysis and decision making:
  • With an average fleet of about 150,000 vehicles, a nationwide car rental comp. can easily gel into the red at the bottom line if fleet management is not &cell The fleet is the biggest cost in that business. With intensified competition, potential for failure is immense if the fleet is not managed effectively. Car idle time must be kept to an absolute minimum. In attempting to accomplish this, failure to have the right class of car available in the right place at the right time, all washed and ready. Can lead to serious loss of business.
  • For a world-leading supplier of Systems and components to automobile and light truck equipment manufacturers, serious challenges laced included inconsistent data computations across nearly 100 plants. Inability to benchmark quality metrics, and time-consuming manual collection of data. Reports needed to support decision making took weeks. It was never easy to get company-wide integrated information.
  • For a large utility company that provided electricity to about 25 million consumers in five Mid-Atlantic States in the United States, deregulation could result in a few winners and lots of losers. Remaining competitive and perhaps even surviving itself depended on eentra117.in12. Strategic information from various sources, streamlining data access, and facilitating analysis of the information by the business units. .

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