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Figure 1-3 illustrates these waves or explosive growth, what is our current position in the technology revolution'? Hardware economics and miniaturization allow a workstation on every desk and provide increasing power at reducing costs. New software provides easy-to-use systems. Open systems architecture creates cooperation and enables usage of multivendor software. Improved connectivity, networking, and the Internet open tip interaction with an enormous number of systems and data-bases. All of these improvements in technology are meritorious. These have made computing faster, cheaper, and widely available. But what is their relevance to the escalating need for strategic information? Let us understand how the current state of the technology is conductive to providing strategic information 70-342 Real Questions 70-342 practice questions 70-342 guide download microsoft 70-342 pdf 70-342 objectives.

Providing strategic in requires collection Or large volumes of corporate data and storing it in suitable formats. Technology advances in data storage and reduction in storage costs readily accommodate data storage needs fm: strategic decision-support systems. Analysts, executives, and managers use strategic information interactively to analyze and spot business trends. The user will ask a question and get the results, then ask an-other question, look at the results, and ask yet another question. 

This interactive process continues. 

Tremendous advances in interface software make such interactive analysis possible. Processing large volumes or data and providing interactive analysis requires extra computing power. The explosive increase in computing power and its lower costs make provision of strategic information feasible. What we could not accomplish a few years earlier for providing strategic information is now possible with the current advanced stage of information technology.

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